A film by Caroline Fournier, 2018

Genre: animated docu-serie

Languages: xxx

Subtitles: xxx

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Running Time: 6 x 10 min

Countries: Luxembourg

Year: 2018



In today’s world, families are experiencing deep changes and new life patterns are emerging. #wearefamilies is an animated docu serie and a cross-media plan that examines parenting and explores new emerging family type in a playful and instructive way.


With the animated serie, we follow Camille and Lysa who are in love and dream of having a child of their own.


ART, IVF, surrogacy, gay parenting, co-parenting, adoption … They decide to explore all the possibilities to help them realize their dream. In their quest, they lead us through what is, nowadays, a not uncommon experience for those couples who do not fit into the traditional concept of family. It is a sensitive and contemporary story of a common quest for maternity which brings us on a journey through the changing patterns of society in today’s world.




Director : Caroline Fournier