Le Collectionneur

A film by Pierre Maillard, 2017

Genre: Documentary

Language: French

Subtitles: xxx

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 52′

Countries: France, Belgium

Year: 2017



Arthur Langerman is Jewish and diamond dealer. He has built a considerable fortune through the trade in colored diamonds. Today, more than seventy years old, he wants to make public what he considers to be his most precious treasure: his imposing collection of anti-Semitic images and objects …

Provocation ? Duty of memory or paranoid obsession?


This film is the portrait of an ambiguous collector prisoner of a secret obsession.



Director: Pierre Maillard
Image: Victor Blondel

Original soundtrack : Loup Mormont
Sound: Mathieu Rathelot
Editing : Julie Naas



Produced by Antoine Martin (Sancho &Cie – France)

Coproduced by Joseph Rouschop and Thomas Meys (Tarantula Belgique), France 3 Paris Ile de France, RTBF (Belgian TV)



Pierre Maillard has been evolving for a few years between directing and post-production. In terms of achievement, he displays a varied profile with clips, art film and two documentaries, including a reward at the Stars SCAM 2014: Les Passagers de l’Orage (2013).