“Baby(a)lone” will defend the Luxembourgish colors in the race for the Oscars!


The National Selection Committee for Academy Awards has selected the Luxembourg film ‘Baby(A)lone’ to represent the Grand Duchy in the 88th edition of the Academy Awards in the category ‘Best Foreign Language Film award’.


The film, adapted from the novel ‘Amok’ of the Luxembourgish author Tullio Forgiarini and directed by Donato Rotunno, is a production between Luxembourg (Iris Productions) and Belgium (Iris Films). The production has benefited from the participation of many Luxembourgish technicians and actors, Joshua Defays and Charlotte Elsen playing the main roles alongside Etienne Halsdorf, Gintare Parulyte and Fabienne Hollwege.

Nominations for the ‘Best Foreign Film’ will be announced publicly on 14 January 2016.


The National Commission for the Oscar Selection consists of 7 members representing the audiovisual sector:

Nicole Dahlen, Luxembourg City Cinematheque
Guy Daleiden, Film Fund Luxembourg
Claude Lahr, Association of Filmmakers and Scriptwriters (LARS)
Paul Lesch, University of Luxembourg
Carlo Thiel, Luxembourg Association of Audiovisual Technicians (ALTA)
Viviane Thill, National Audiovisual Centre (CNA)
Laurent Witz, Luxembourg Union of Audiovisual Production (ULPA)



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